Episodes 8, 11 and 14

Kieran Davison

Kieran_Davisonis a narrator and voice actor from Northern England and a passionate performer of horror stories that he brings to life with his deep and powerful voice. You can listen to more stories narrated by him on his Youtube channel called Distant Light Narrations.







Episodes 10 and 13

Allyson Latondress


is a voice-over artist from Ontario, Canada who calls herself a "serial entrepreneur".  As well as doing voice-over work, she also does freelance graphic design, web design, and digital art. In her free time, Allyson enjoys DM-ing a weekly game of D&D with her friends. You can follow her work over on Twitter (@latondressvo).








Episodes 9 and 12

Narrated by Joe Juvland.








Episodes 1-7 and presentation

Max Ablitzer,


when narrating I aim for emotional authenticity by connecting as much as possible with every story and every character in it. Not being a native English speaker I hope the well-disposed listener will forgive me the occasional mispronounced word! :)