Special thanks to the voice actors featured in our episodes:

Episode 13, The Dust Child: Seth Juvland (Ollie, picture) and Joe Juvland (Ollie's father).










Episode 12, The Final Diagnosis of Doctor Lazare: Paul Fowles (picture) as Doctor Lazare, Allyson Latondress as his wife, Dave Nyhlen as the orderly.










Episode 11, The Last Testament of Jacob Tyler: Pierre Bojarski & Dave Nyhlen (voices from the hoard), Allyson Latondress (voice from the dead lover).

Episode 9, Leaking Out: Dave Nyhlen (voices from the store).

Episode 7, Film Maudit: Lady X & Fatalia (lesbian vampires), Max Weird (performing song "A pulse of broken lights").








Episode 6, Poseidon's Revenge: Gerald Ellen (Captain Anderson), Pete Bog (Mr. Danfeld).









Episode 3, Transmission: Aaron Godon (voice from the desert), Dave Nyhlen (radio preacher).









Episode 2, the Mosaic: Dave Nyhlen (police radio announcement), Monique Pichon (Eleonor Hawkins), voices from the store









Legal announcement: Dave Nyhlen