Thank you for your interest in Horror Tales, the Horror Tales podcast is not active at the moment and has stopped publishing new episodes.


Submission FAQ moth

Are you writing great horror short stories and would like to hear them produced as a professional audio production?

If so, here are the Horror Tales submission guidelines:

Why submit?

Podcasting is a striving media and a great way to get your story and name out there. You can promote your website, blog or book releases and reach out to existing or new readers. Your story will be produced in high-end audio quality, with professionally created original music and foley sound effects.

Who can submit?

Anyone of legal age or who has approval of their parent or legal guardian.

Submit what?

We are looking for horror short stories with 3,000 to 5,000 words. These can be already published or not. However we do prefere material that has not been published in a podcast before (audio books are fine though, since we have a different approach to the material).

Artwork courtesy of Miroslav Pecho.

What's the deal?

You are issuing a non-excluvsive license for us to produce your work in audio form and distribute it on the Internet without limit in time or place. You must gurantee that this agreement does not infringe with any third party agreements you may have entered into. There is at this point no commercial gain from the podcast and there are no fees or royalties paid. However, we will clearly state your name, the title of your work and any other information you would like us to share with the listeners.

What type of material are you looking for?

Anything horror, except "realistic settings" such as true crime inspired stories (for example serial killers). These subjects are covered extensively by excellent true crime podcasts out there and we feel there is no need to add any fictional stories. So a supernatural element is necessary, but can have any form.

The stories also need to have a cinematic character and a certain type of chronology allowing to follow film-like scenes with sound effects and music. Please listen to previous episodes to hear good examples of this type of story telling.


How to submit?Dan_Verkys

Please send your story as .pdf or .doc file enclosed to an email adressed to: contact at horrortalespodcast dot com and put "Horror Tales story submission" in the object field.

How long does it take?

We try to reply quickly to submissions (within a few days). However, if we decide to produce your story the production can take up to serveral months. Every story is narrated and produced with great care and it takes 20-40 hours of work for each episode.

Looking forward to reading from you, Max Ablitzer.






Artwork courtesy of Dan Verkys.